My creations derive from a fascination with wire and the forms that can be achieved with a piece of single wire.

Having completed my studies in Jewellery and Metalsmithing back in 1991 at Epsom School of Art and Design, I have over time explored this making small pieces created as unique gifts to the exquisite larger sculptures I now create.


The inspiration for my latest work has been the subjects in my garden and local neighbourhood on the rural Norfolk/Suffolk border. I am lucky enough to be able to sit and observe wildlife behaviour in my garden, and short, ambling dog walks in the neighbourhood allow me to find floral subjects in gardens and hedgerows and more wildlife around the fields.

I make each piece individually by hand, using steel wire mesh of various sizes. Some pieces have contrasting wire added to enhance detail where needed. The mesh is manipulated by hand to form a hollow shape of the subject, then attention is given to the anatomy and to the structure of the subject and/or pose. Such as adding stamens and pistils to open flowers; animals features such as their feet/paws, are studied to reflect integrity, give support and movement; or on close view a vase of flowers reveals a water level line. These details, although they cannot always be clearly seen on the initial view, are essential and I enjoy hearing peoples reactions when they are discovered.


I have found the limitations of steel, but do like to challenge this and push it to the limit. The steel and process result in a tactile element to my work: allowing a single layered hollow yet robust body for the birds and animals and yet the floral subjects stems give a movement not unlike the original subject.


When my work is seen ‘in the flesh’ the human eye gives clear perspective and understanding of the subject, in a way that the camera cannot quite capture in a photograph. Our eyes can explore the sculpture; seeing the detail, understanding the subject, making sense of its pose, structure and complexities.


Please visit the gallery link to see more of my work, click on the images to see the whole sculpture to the best of the cameras ability! I have also given sizes of the sculptures in the Gallery which you can find along with descriptions, by clicking on the images and scrolling through. Please submit any comments you may have via my Contact page or alternatively please email niccid@btinternet.com 


And thank you for visiting my site!


Further Information


All being well, once lockdown restrictions begin to be lifted, from 12 April, for two weeks, a collection of my work can be seen in a window display at CraftCo in Southwold. 


I welcome any enquiries or invitations from galleries to show my work and would ask you to contact me by telephone to discuss this. Please see my contact page for all contact details.


It is my intention to offer future online ordering but for now I am happy for direct enquiries or questions either by email or telephone. Please click the contact page link to contact me.